Enrich Biosystems came to Studio Red to develop a interface design for their novel microgel lithography cell capture and discovery platform, TROVO . The interface was designed for a laptop-based reference application for the biometric device. 


Studio Red was challenged to restructure the user workflow and provide a unified visual value proposition across different pages within the Trovo system. 


Providing a flexible and efficient system was the key to allow users to approach tasks in multiple ways successfully. From setting up unique experiments prior to analyzing cellular imaging. In the design process, we revisited the workflow step by step using mid-fidelity wireframes to assess user behavior. This wireframing work was focused on creating a simplified workflow that allows users to easily modify selections and have a full selection control during experiment settings. 


Giving emphasis on familiarity into the design was another key element to build an intuitive design.  During the cellular imaging process, visual cues of microwell plates in the interface design were used to allow users to easily understand and select specific microwells. 


The design system for Trovo was developed to establish the look and feel of the interface design that bridged the intersection between digital and physical experience. A complete guide to visual elements that fit into Trovo’s branding style and stories allows interface design to be scalable and provides consistent user experience for the future products. 

  • Enrich Biosystems
  • 2022