• Labcyte Echo

    Echo 655T is a biotech system offering revolutionary liquid handling using sound energy to precisely affect liquids. After developing the overall brand language of Labcyte on an earlier system development program called the Access DRS, our team extended that language to this new system based on our client's unique functionality.

  • ThinOptics Manhattan

    Manhattan is an ultra-slim case for the ultra-minimal Thinoptics glasses. StudioRed was challenged with the task of creating this functional and portable case with high-end jewelry-like look and feel. Volumetric constraints imposed all three dimensions as it was to be minimally thin, while being manufacturable all while fitting onto the backs of specific phones without interfering with back-cameras.

  • Fathom

    Back in 1996, StudioRed helped design one of the very first mass-produced VR systems for Virtuality. Fast forward 22 years, and virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality are part of a multibillion dollar industry. StudioRed took this opportunity to study and understand the current state of the industry and learn more about the user’s side including things like painpoints and interaction points.

  • BioRad

    Biorad hired studiored to develop the new design language for their digital PCR which was the integration  of three of their existing products into one system. BioRad had completed the development  of the general positioning of components and robotic interaction between them, however many elements which reflected much of the look and feel along with ergonomic interaction were to be studied. This included onscreen controls, lights and sensor locations such as bar code and RFID tag.

  • May 2018

    10 Awards

    2 Competitions

    Innovative Use of Mobile Technology

    UX, Interface & Navigation

    Mobile App

    Product design

  • ThinOptics FlashCard

    FlashCard is a design and engineering challenge of compactness that truly follows the the ThinOptics mantra of being ultra-thin. Many materials, treatments, constructions, mechanisms and assembly methods were considered before StudioRed quickly delivered this optimal and customizable design that appears simple and intuitive to the user.

  • Miriq

    MiriQ, a German corporation, had come to us with a non-successful prototype of a full power battery charger/battery backup system through Israeli and Taiwanese partners. It did not function nor was UL certification possible even though the unit had full wall voltage supplied it.

  • Hatch Baby Rest

    Night light, sound machine, and Ok-to-wake indicator in one modern device, designed to control and program conveniently from your phone.

  • Facebook

    The OpenCellular is an open source, "wireless access platform" designed to drive down the cost of setting up cellular networks in places where it has been traditionally difficult to do so. The  system is designed to provide the tools to set up a complete network, from the physical equipment to the software that runs it.

  • O Wellness

    User Experience: 5 Tips for Designing Products to Appeal to Millennials



  • Yale / Premie Breathe


    Premie Breathe is a Yale-sponsored engineering student's group looking to help newborn and infant patients in need of respiratory support in neonatal, pediatric intensive care units and hospitals in low to middle-income countries, such as Ethiopia.

  • Hatch Baby Listen

    Designed to help you hear her — before she enters the world. Listen to and record your baby's heartbeat while in the womb. With audio recordings and fun visualizations, start saving and sharing memories from pregnancy