Enphase Ensemble™ System

Brand & Research
Industrial Design

StudioRed was contracted by Enphase to design their family line of battery storage solutions. They looked to expand their lineup from one to three battery wall storage solutions. StudioRed updated the previous boxy and industrial look and feel of their lineup to reflect their current status and changes in the energy storage industry. Through the use of high-end materials and a sleek, minimalistic look, we designed the battery storage products to be a non intrusive yet beautiful solution for within the home. Upon completion of the battery storage project, they wanted the look to extend through to their AC Combiner and other offerings. As energy storage solutions become more commonplace for everyday households, Enphase’s new lineup was created to reflect their growing presence in the industry. Because of the energy density of current batteries, these devices are large and heavy; so we minimized the visual impact to allow for a wider appeal for homeowners. Similarly by using high end materials and giving the face of the product a beautiful finish we wanted to compel new users to make the move towards green tech.

  • Enphase
  • 2020