We are a design consultancy specializing in connected product experiences.

Product Launch

We are known for creating many successful product launches.

All design firms say they do product realization, but rarely do teams successfully launch many products. Many firms focus more on the creative and not on manufacturability. Many clients come to us after working with other firms looking to redesign their product in a manufacturable way. We have a high product launch rate because we have deep understanding of manufacturing and recognize the details needed to get there.

Enduring Value

90% of our new clients return and 95%
of returning clients repeat 3 or more times.

Clients return to us over and over because they see the enduring value we create. We are able to save costs in ways that many clients don’t realize, like lowering tooling and maintenance costs through well thought out designs. Our design process is adaptable to nearly any program and has repeatedly lowered part and mold costs and created designs that last decades.

Unified Physical and Digital Experience

We unify the user experience across both
digital and physical products.

Users engage more with brands that are consistent throughout every touch point, whether that is the physical product, or through its app. We focus on bridging the gap between the two and creating a seamless experience for the user. At StudioRed, the UX/UI team work together as one cohesive unit to avoid wasted time and lost communication. We create holistic experiences for the IoT, smart home, AI and biotech space.

Risk Advisor

We help keep you out of the weeds.

After over 3500 projects and +400 products launched, we have learned countless lessons across many industries and bring them to each new product development program. We help guide clients from the very first meeting and with our broad range of backgrounds help avoid unnecessary risks. From preventing retooling costs through steel safe redesigns, to noticing costly features from the start, we can point out the risks, and show the best way around them.

Transparent Communication

We adapt to your needs in a flexible way.

We believe that transparency is core element of our successful, long lasting relationships with clients. Transparent and responsive communication helps us understand your needs well, so there are no surprises or hidden costs later on. It helps manage our design process to fit with exactly what the client is looking for, leading to value for the client and a happy customer.

Road to a Successful Product Launch

We help guide you through the
unknown and hidden challenges.

We like to benefit our client with 34 years of accumulated knowledge. Our clients trust us to find the most efficient path to a successful product launch. We are your personal, cost-sensitive, partner, and can help in any stage, including fundraising. Feel free to contact us for an hour of free consulting to find out why our past clients call us a ‘Trusted, reliable partner’.

When our client succeeds, we succeed.

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