SHEbd Hemp Balm


Local Bay Area wellness company, SheBD, wanted to redesign and scale their Hemp balm product while keeping the same brand language. In order to increase the volume of balm and maintain the same form, we devised a twist style hemp balm stick. The deodorant-like enclosure serves two purposes, it allows for the greatest internal volume of balm and allows users to control the amount of balm they want to apply. Through the implementation of high tech molding features, we were able to create a seamless curved cover and adhere to SHE’bd brand style. To achieve the correct shape and size, we created several prototypes to test in hand and made sure we stayed honest to the desired volume, look, and feel. The final result was a twistable Hemp balm stick, with almost twice the amount of balm as the original design.

  • SheBD
  • 2020