HX-S Series Keyboard

Industrial Design

Hakkei keyboards came to us with a new and innovative idea for a keyboard. The goal was to develop and design an ergonomic split mechanical keyboard. The classic qwerty keyboard has been the gold standard typing interface for over a hundred years. Over time, we have learned that continued keyboard use can cause an RSI, or repetitive strain injury. This is a type of injury that is caused by doing the same thing over and over again. Dorsiflexion, when you rest your palm and raise your fingers, is the most frequent cause of RSI’s. Hakkei aims to change that and develop a new form factor for keyboards to improve both the health and productivity of everyday typers. The result was a new revolutionary split mechanical ergonomic style keyboard. This was achieved by the implementation of a few major design features. The first is the flex curve. By working closely with ergonomic researchers, the keyboard features an ergonomic curvature to help support the hand in a natural sloping angle that places your wrist in a neutral sloping position. The Hakkei HX-S Series takes it a step further by implementing a split wireless design that allows for separate use of the left and right halves of the keyboard. Allowing users to spread their arms out to a more natural position rather than close together. In addition to ergonomic improvements, the Hakkei HX-S Series keyboard also cuts down on the number of user clicks through software improvements. They created the Configur software that pairs with the keyboard that allows you to customize the macro keys’ or the utility dial’s function to add your most commonly used shortcuts. By incorporating both physical and software ergonomics, the Hakkei HX-S Series keyboard was able to achieve a design that both keeps your hand in a natural position and reduces the number of clicks, reducing the probability of a repetitive strain injury. 

  • Hakkei
  • 2021
  • Good Design Award 2021