F2022 Warehouse Scanner

Industrial Design

The F2022 is a proprietary handheld scanner designed to optimize the warehouse experience. The F2022 stands out from the crowd by being powered by a smartphone. Having to survive several high drops, the device in essence becomes a rugged smart case for the smartphone. The everchanging warehouse environment made durability a big focus. Developing the device in this way allowed us to make it easy to swap in new smartphones when they break or become obsolete. Being powered by an existing smartphone, a seamless integrated look was important to make sure the phone and the holder were visually meant to be together. To achieve this we created a new design language which helps bring forth attributes that are representative of the workplace and the brand. We aimed for an intelligent, fast, and rigid look and feel. The continuous chamfered edge helped to tie all those attributes together while still helping the device look thinner and modern. During its use, the device helps navigate warehouse workers through the warehouse helping, optimize travel time, and provide an intuitive user experience. Usability and feel were a large focus during the development. Going through tens of iterations of handles and triggers, we were able to find a combination that was comfortable for various workers to hold over a long period of time. Later, a light-weight battery was embedded into the handle for optimized weight-balance, providing full-shift twelve-hour support. 

  • FulFilld
  • 2022
  • Good Design Awards, IDA Design Awards 2022