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StudioRed was contracted by Neural Propulsion Systems to design their first generation of the safest and most reliable sensing platform for autonomous vehicles. Our studio designed a truly unique solution for the self-driving platform that can be fully adapted to any car or vehicle. Transportation is a necessity of humankind. With the introduction of motorized vehicles in the 20th century, we can now interact and improve our lives with greater ease as means of transportation are more accessible than ever before. These improvements in our ability to interact with our communities near and far have also had downsides. The amount of time spent commuting by drivers in the US has now exceeded 30 billion hours a year and according to the National Highway Traffic Administration, a new car accident happens almost every 60 seconds. NPS aims to change that by developing a new system and platform for self-driving cars to reach level 5 driving autonomy. With an intelligent driving system the NPS platform can reduce collisions, saving countless lives and shorten our commutes to improve our lives.  The result is the next generation of a zero accident sensing platform. This is achieved by the implementation of new and revolutionary solid-state MIMO-LiDAR architecture that allows for a view range upto 500 meters paired with a new class of radar technology that has a 10x better detection reliability.  This technology allows it to: see around street corners and check for pedestrians, detect vehicles who are not complying with traffic signs, and see through occlusion and vegetation. The key to the NPS design is the versatility of the platform to adapt to most cars. Since the entire self-driving package comes embedded in the mounting assembly, the adjustable system can fit any car make and model. The NPS speculative design generates an idea of the platform it will create. The versatile low profile design is intended to encourage dialogue between designers and engineers on how to create autonomous designs that can be more approachable to users. It is only with the mass adoption of next gen self-driving platforms that we will be able to revolutionize the way we interact with our communities and our world.

  • Neural Propulsion Systems
  • 2019
  • IDA Gold 2022