AER Hair Dryer


The AER hairdryer is a next gen smart cordless hair dryer. AER came to us with a goal to provide freedom and flexibility to dry your hair while providing hair salon quality. To create the first truly cordless hair dryer, we had to reengineer the hairdryer from the inside out. Starting with thermal performance, we worked to develop the proper airflow for efficient heat transfer to the user’s hair. This was achieved by designing a small and efficient impeller for greater airflow and energy savings. Testing for the impeller was done in a custom wind tunnel built here at StudioRed. The impeller was then optimized for acoustics with the goal of keeping rotations per minute and decibels lower. To take the smart hair dryer even further, we designed a custom coil that could run on both AC or DC and a custom button cluster with integrated led’s for ease of use. To create a cohesive and elegant design we iterated with finishes and plastic breakups for the most visually appealing look.

  • AER - The Cordless Hair Dryer
  • 2019