We are a design consultancy specializing
in connected product experiences.

Industrial Design

  • Market and usability research
  • Product strategy
  • Product road mapping
  • Human factors/Ergonomics
  • Brand strategy & positioning
  • Concept generation
  • 3D CAD, Solid works, Keyshot
  • Color, Materials, Finish (CMF)
  • Packaging

UX/UI Design

  • Information architecture
  • User behavior research
  • Insight finding, Content strategy
  • Interaction design
  • User experience design
  • Wireframe, Rapid prototyping
  • User Interface design
  • Usability testing
  • App and website



  • Load analysis
  • Structural FEA
  • Design for certification
  • QC drawings
  • Technology evaluation
  • Fully parametric modeling
  • Product architecture
  • Design for compliance

What Our

Clients Say

“You dramatically improved our presence and we received many compliments.”

Randy Dyer — Director of Product Marketing at Labcyte

“These folks are amazing at what they do. Absolutely professional, high quality product, and on-time delivery.”

Susanne Hering — President of Aerosol Dynamics.

“It’s a brilliant piece of engineering”

David Westendorf — CEO at Thinoptics

  • Facebook

    The OpenCellular is an open source, "wireless access platform" designed to drive down the cost of setting up cellular networks in places where it has been traditionally difficult to do so. The  system is designed to provide the tools to set up a complete network, from the physical equipment to the software that runs it.

  • ThinOptics FlashCard

    FlashCard is a design and engineering challenge of compactness that truly follows the the ThinOptics mantra of being ultra-thin. Many materials, treatments, constructions, mechanisms and assembly methods were considered before StudioRed quickly delivered this optimal and customizable design that appears simple and intuitive to the user.

  • Yale / Premie Breathe


    Premie Breathe is a Yale-sponsored engineering student's group looking to help newborn and infant patients in need of respiratory support in neonatal, pediatric intensive care units and hospitals in low to middle-income countries, such as Ethiopia.

  • O Wellness

    User Experience: 5 Tips for Designing Products to Appeal to Millennials



  • Hatch Baby Listen

    Designed to help you hear her — before she enters the world. Listen to and record your baby's heartbeat while in the womb. With audio recordings and fun visualizations, start saving and sharing memories from pregnancy

  • GE Healthcare- CARESCAPE Central Station

    The GE CARESCAPE Central Station is a clinician-centric workstation designed for space optimization and workflow efficiency.

  • Hatch Baby Grow

    Meet Grow, the second generation Smart Changing Pad, the modern nursery innovation that is changing the way you watch your baby grow. Combining a traditional diaper changing pad with a built-in, wireless smart scale, Grow allows you to easily track infant health metrics, providing reassurance to new parents from home.

  • Kedalion

    StudioRed has teamed up with Kedalion Therapeutics and together we are revolutionizing the delivery of topical eye medications which treat ocular diseases. AcuStream™ is a novel delivery system improving patient outcomes by enabling a simple, straightforward and comfortable treatment using an ultrasonic miniscule stream of liquid and a concave focusing mirror. The AcuStream™ device is meant to replace clumsy cumbersome eye-droppers and deliver ocular-care more easily, precisely, and with more comfort and better results.

  • Labcyte Access DRS

    The Access Dual Robot System (DRS) is praised as "The New Sound of Sample Management". It is a compact, modular, high-capacity, and high-throughput platform, designed and optimized for the use of Echo Liquid Handlers in sample management workflows. It is the only automation platform on the market compatible with the Echo 655T Liquid Handler, enabling the production of assay-ready plates from acoustic sample tubes. The system combines industry-leading devices and software with ergonomic and environment management options to provide a complete, easy-to-use, store-to-assay sample management solution.

  • Plainsman

    Plainsman gloves feature reinforced, double-layer leather palms. StudioRed designed packaging and POP pallet displays to appeal to the younger “millennial” market.

  • Drone

    An exploration into the future of drone technology, beyond what has been achieved today. We wanted to innovate and design an intelligent auto-piloting drone for the purpose of Security, Research, and Rescue. The goal was to push the boundaries of modern age technology and radically depart from current archetype

  • Surecall FusionTrek

    The FusionTrek has taken SureCall’s powerful cellular signal boosting technology and redesigned it into a plug-and-play solution that fits in the rear-window of any car, truck, or SUV.

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