• Hatch Baby Grow

    Meet Grow, the second generation Smart Changing Pad, the modern nursery innovation that is changing the way you watch your baby grow. Combining a traditional diaper changing pad with a built-in, wireless smart scale, Grow allows you to easily track infant health metrics, providing reassurance to new parents from home.

  • Hatch Baby Rest

    Night light, sound machine, and Ok-to-wake indicator in one modern device, designed to control and program conveniently from your phone.

  • Drone

    An exploration into the future of drone technology, beyond what has been achieved today. We wanted to innovate and design an intelligent auto-piloting drone for the purpose of Security, Research, and Rescue. The goal was to push the boundaries of modern age technology and radically depart from current archetype

  • Consumer Products

    The consumer product space is extremely competitive and as a result, a product’s usability, “look and feel,” and performance can make or break its success. Our process of Rational Emotional Design gives clients a product that is strategically created to compete in the consumer space through unique aesthetics, simple and intuitive functionality, and design for manufacture (DFM).

    Effective product design can provide an unknown company with a significant market share through a compelling solution that correctly communicates the brand. Studiored‘s diverse range of experience allows us to cross pollinate innovations from different industries to consistently create the best possible products.

  • Motorola

    The goal of this design program was to migrate the very successful design language of the HH1620 to the different form factor of the CPEi 600. A major change in this product from the HH1620 was the two large external antennas that needed to rotate for wall and desk usage.

  • Tely

    Tely labs is a newly formed startup with the intention of deploying a new hardware offering into the competitive consumer market. Along with developing a powerful branded statement, the device would now offer full video conferencing to the home user in a single device solution.

  • Kestrel

    The design goal was to recapture lost market share in the hard core road bicycle category by redefining what a hard core, ultra high-end road bike should look like in 2004.

  • Motorola

    The direction for the CPEi 300 program was to create a look and feel that was visually exciting and broke the norm in terms of standard networking products. The visual identity needed to be unique.

  • Matrix

    Movies often include signature products that reflect lead characters and/or key messages. Related collateral products are spun-off for mass markets, thereby enhancing the commercial success of the venture.

  • Microwave

    Focused Energy Cooking provided the platform to deliver the quick cook oven beyond the potential the original microwave oven once dreamed of. With this new technology, sous vide quality food at quick serve speeds for fine and casual dining is now possible.

  • Rio

    Rio's Carbon line of MP3 players received rave reviews upon their release. As sales rose, Rio wanted to add a high-quality, premium case to its accessory line. Studiored designed several concepts for new, high-end soft cases and provided Rio with materials and construction information to bring the designs to production.

  • Strike King

    The RED team developed the new product line from the ground up, designing the look and feel for the next generation of Strike King’s high end optics. The designs needed to encompass not only the latest aesthetics, but also emphasized excellent ergonomics for all day wearability.