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  2. 5 Tips for Designing IoT Products for Millennials

    5 Tips for Designing IoT Products that Attract and Keep Millennial Consumers By Soyun Kim Millennials are a new type of consumer yet IoT products designed for millennials don’t always reflect this. In the past, the traditional consumer journey consisted of reading reviews and buying the product that most reflected what you, the consumer, wanted….

  3. Interview with Soyun Kim, Senior Product Designer @ StudioRed

    We caught up with Soyun Kim to talk about her design process and to get her insights and advice on UX/UI,  product design and branding. What’s your product design process? Every project is different, each has its own personality so it’s important to tailor the process to the project.  However, in general, most of our…

  4. Best of Breeds: Expert’s Guide to the Top Smart Home Devices 2017

    I reached out to a friend and expert in the field Mike Yurochko  CEO & Co-Founder of Stringify, www.stringify.com,and smart home integration application, with this question: “If you had the chance (and money) to build a smart home from scratch, what would you do?” Here was his reply: This is a very complicated space as you…

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