Prototyping & Production Services

Prototypes to verify designs;
Low volume production to fulfill immediate demand.

Product Design Prototype

  • Model Making

    StudioRed’s in-house model-making, 3D printing, and prototype machining can produce photo ready models, complex product design prototypes, and challenging high-tolerance machined parts. Because our prototype design company is in-house, turn-around time is quick to meet client testing and planning schedules and to improve real-time engineering updates. Our model builders can create a product with color, texture, graphics, and features that replicate exact details of a production solution. This ability to do quick engineering iterations accelerates the path to product success, especially when testing and functional optimization is complex.

  • Prototyping

    As for our product design prototype, our CNC milling machines can produce parts up to 30x40x16 inches in size within manufacturing tolerances. This allows us to produce and test multiple parts before production. Our rubber and fiberglass molding of urethane parts is ideal for producing hundreds of units before manufacturing plans are complete. This, along with our DuPont Spectramaster paint matching system and paint booths, allows for custom paint colors and immediate customer reviews.

  • Production Services

    StudioRed has developed a unique process utilizing a worldwide team of partners that can produce injection molded parts within the broader San Francisco Bay Area with the low cost of overseas tooling. Our prototype design company is one of the few teams with the ability to do in-house production of plastic parts ranging from dozens to hundreds of parts. By keeping DFM in mind throughout the entire process, we make sure the product is manufacturable from the very start.


  • Model Making
  • 3D Printers
  • Engineering Prototypes
    – accurate to production characteristics & tolerances
  • Two 3 axis CNC machines
    – 40”x20”x16”
  • Full machine shop
    – lathes, knee mills/sand & bead blasting/polishing
  • Computer room/ Surf Cam
  • Inspection Facility
  • DuPont Spectramaster Color Match Paint system
  • Casting Department
    – (2) Vacuum systems/4 pressure vessels/ Box and Cut silicon Delrin molds
  • Short Run Fabrication
    – casting urethanes, silicones of all durometers
  • Props for Film Industry
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