Mechanical Engineering

Production ready designs true to the initial concept

Mechanical Engineering Solutions

Our product design and engineering experts have experience with categories from simple consumables to high-tech equipment, with quantities ranging from low-volume numbers to million-unit production runs. They are involved early in the concept stage, which helps to ensure that preliminary designs from the industrial design team are feasible, manufacturable and meet financial concerns to ensure the success of each product. This means products ultimately meet the concept’s design intent and our mechanical engineering solutions needn’t make unsightly aesthetic compromises to meet manufacturing realities.

StudioRed’s product design and engineering process includes all disciplines within the development process; from thermal or safety requirements to cost and manufacturing optimization. This assures that products meet safety compliance, tooling cost, testing and manufacturing goals with the first prototype. With our deep material and process knowledge we are able to recommend the ideal manufacturers, materials and methods that meet your specific balance of quality, quantity, and price.

In line with our mechanical engineering solutions, as well as our unique “integrated disciplines philosophy,” we maintain relationships with top manufactures from around the world so we can incorporate their expertise at the beginning of the development process. This ensures that StudioRed provides the optimum design for manufacture (DFM) at first prototypes. Introducing this role into the development stages assures smooth downstream reception by manufacturers and CM’s.


  • Load analysis
  • Structural FEA
  • Process/Material knowledge and research
  • QC drawings to latest GD&T standards
  • Technology evaluation
  • Over molding and twin shot design
  • Fully parametric modeling
  • Product architecture development
  • Multiple seats Solid Works and ProE
  • Design for compliance and certification
  • Design for minimized environmental impact
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