Industrial Design

Brand-defining product design, mindful of manufacturing

Industrial Product Design and Development

StudioRed’s designers seek to maximize input from every stakeholder from the beginning of the industrial product design and development process, including Marketing, Engineering, and Production. When it comes to product design and manufacturing, our sensitivity to the complete product lifecycle results in smart designs that:

·         Work well

·         Can be manufactured at the right cost

·         Penetrate the market beyond expectations

Our diverse industrial product design and development team helps to capture the essence of a brand and produce an unmatched product experience that encompasses both product design and manufacturing plans. Whether the client is a new startup, or a well-known brand, we have the team of designers to create an esthetically pleasing, yet practical product that can bring new life to a product line.


  • Usability
  • Human factors/Ergonomics
  • Branding identity
  • Concept generation
  • Form sculpting
  • 3D CAD, Solid works
  • 3D printing
  • Molding and machining
  • Keyshot static and animation renders
  • Color, Materials, Finish (CMF)
  • Packaging
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