Indigo Design Awards

StudioRed is proud to announce our great success in the digital UX/UI category.

This year, StudioRed was presented 9 Indigo Design Awards!

Read all about it!

Indigo Design Awards

StudioRed is proud to have been presented 9 Indigo Design Awards for these 3 projects!
We feel honored to been recognized for our integration of the physical and digital design experience and would like to share some of our experiences here with you. Each of the 3 examples below show our innovation and forward thinking in this new digital landscape in which product-software and product-hardware or services must unite symbiotically to create a holistic experience that users will buy into.


Frame Concept

Digital photo sorting is a conundrum. Photo gallery and album software goes underutilized.  We put a lot of informed thinking behind the photo-sorting app featured in this article about retaining the users of an app. Read more about out how to get millenials to “click” with your app by clicking here…



O Wellness Concept

O Wellness is an an app that demonstrates how easy it can be to provide a healthy home-cooked meal by delivering fresh produce (which is customized to a subscribing user’s dietary and fitness goals) into a home and into a specially designed slow-cooker. The app is featured in this article describing what it takes to create an product that grabs users’ attention and makes them want to continually use it. You can find out how by reading more here…


Unicorn Concept

StudioRed was challenged to create a first vision of this new AI interface for users pet health through a pet-tailored subscription program and we used the opportunity to teach you about user-retention. Learn more about this innovative app and also how millenials purchase apps in this informative article

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