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  2. Indigo Design Awards

    StudioRed is proud to announce our great success in the digital UX/UI category.

    This year, StudioRed was presented 9 Indigo Design Awards!

    Read all about it!

  3. Should we be Drawn to Magnets?

    Magnets can be amazing when used correctly in a product; however things aren’t as simple as they seem. Let’s look at three applications for using magnets in a product and the key details that make them function well. There are often subtle details that can make the difference between functioning well and falling apart. Latching:…

  4. Ode to the Prototype

    The impact of virtual design is indisputable but what of the claims in recent years where whole products could be developed in the virtual realm, ready for production release.  If we are to believe some of what has been written, a complete new aircraft could be designed in Computer Aided Drafting and Design software, analyzed…

  5. How to Create a Sustained Bond with Millennials

    You may have a great idea with a polished advertisement but, for some reason, millennials don’t seem to click with your product. Do you ever wonder why?  What can be done about it? Millennials are one of the largest generations by sheer number, and will soon make up 50% of the global workforce according to PWC…

  6. 5 Tips for Designing IoT Products for Millennials

    5 Tips for Designing IoT Products that Attract and Keep Millennial Consumers By Soyun Kim Millennials are a new type of consumer yet IoT products designed for millennials don’t always reflect this. In the past, the traditional consumer journey consisted of reading reviews and buying the product that most reflected what you, the consumer, wanted….

  7. Interview with Soyun Kim, Senior Product Designer @ StudioRed

    We caught up with Soyun Kim to talk about her design process and to get her insights and advice on UX/UI,  product design and branding. What’s your product design process? Every project is different, each has its own personality so it’s important to tailor the process to the project.  However, in general, most of our…

  8. Surecall Recognized in Inc.5000

    Our lead designer turned these drab wireless boosters into user friendly consumer electronics and Surecall is now turning heads. They’re now Inc.5000, and good design has a lot to do with that. Aside from simplifying the complex UX of previous Surecall products, Allen’s main goal when designing the window-mounted EZ-4G booster was to bring a touch…