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  2. Challenges In New Product Development

    Challenges in new product development are one reason to consider if the investment to convert your idea into a sellable product is worth it. They are usually not so daunting that they cannot be overcome. They range from initial development cost to complexity of testing and certification to overall production ramp up and distribution costs….

  3. Go Big or Go Home With Your New Product Design

    Everyone loves compact products.  Smaller is better.  It almost seems the thinking is that this communicates a higher degree of technological achievement, or greater versatility, or sophistication, but is it the best choice for many products?  Does this approach from the onset make for unrealistic marketing promises, cause cost over runs in development, limit features…

  4. What Everybody Ought to Know About Product Design Prototyping

  5. Industrial Product Design and Development

    Industrial Product Design and Development is a turnkey discipline to help execute your new idea into a working, sellable product concept. It accounts for the function, user, market, mechanical and electrical engineering, manufacturing and cost. As you can see each area can be quite deep depending on the complexity of your product. As you can imagine,…