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  2. Challenges In New Product Development

    Challenges in new product development are one reason to consider if the investment to convert your idea into a sellable product is worth it. They are usually not so daunting that they cannot be overcome. They range from initial development cost to complexity of testing and certification to overall production ramp up and distribution costs….

  3. Molding Tricks Every Engineer Should Know

    When it comes to product design, mechanical engineers will be called upon to maintain the cool look of a new product from the industrial designers, make all of the parts of the product work, and do so with the highest quality while remaining as inexpensive as possible.  The outer enclosure parts are often made of…

  4. What Everybody Ought to Know About Product Design Prototyping

  5. Medical Product Design Tips

    Medical Product Design sounds like it’s a unique field requiring specialist to successfully navigate the product challenges. However, this is not the case. Medical Product Design is basically regular product design with especially sensitive users to certain aspects of the product. Things like robustness, flexibility and performance is much more important than things like cost…

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