9 | 10 | 2019
Gyros Protein Technologies announces the launch of their PurePep Chorus Automated Peptide Synthesizer.  Read More.

9 | 09 | 2018

Steve Morse, a good friend of StudioRed has passed. Here is a personal note from his wife Margery:

Dear Philip, yes it’s true, Steve passed very soon after he crashed. He was wearing his aerostich riding suit and new helmet, and as usual was carrying 4 pocket knives, and 3-4 multitools in his bag. I was at home cooking a chicken mole stew with fresh corn. He loved everything I cooked, and we liked to watch British and European detective shows with a cat on each of our laps. He had 6 motorcycles-including two Vespas, a sweet little BMW cafe racer style bike and a BMW touring bike. He loved riding and had many riding buddies. Wednesday there was an article about him in the Palo Alto Daily news you can find it online. Today I talk with an Almanac (Menlo) reporter. He loved to put little assemblages together, paint and small parts, machine tools etc. He was the love of my life and we had been married 28 years. He will be missed. I will let you know when a celebration will take place but it won’t be for awhile. I am well supported by friends and family. Still getting used to the idea of him gone. Practical as he was, he prepaid for Neptune society cremation and even picked out the container. Take care, Love Margery

Victim in Woodside hills accident was a Renaissance man
North Fair Oaks resident Stephen Morse, who was killed on Sept. 9 while riding his Vespa motor scoot..

9 | 04 | 2018
Employment Opportunity: StudioRed is seeking a Jr. Mechanical Engineer to join our team. Please inquire through our contact page.

5 | 22 | 2018
StudioRed founder participated in a podcast with Products that Count, detailing his thoughts and history in the product development industry. Listen here 

5 | 22 | 2018
StudioRed is proud to have received a Silver International Design Award for our Interface Design, as well as 2 Honorable Mentions. Check it out here!

5 | 17 | 2018
StudioRed is proud to receive 9 2018 Indigo Awards for our concept UX/UI design. These include 2 Gold, 6 Silver and 1 Bronze in categories ranging from UX, Interface & Navigation to Innovative Use of Mobile Technology.  See some of the winners here

4 | 27 | 2018
StudioRed is excited to see the amazing press and recognition the latest product we completed has received. Our client Labcyte, partnered with AstraZeneca and others to create this newly branded environment for pharmaceutical development. See the latest story here!

4 | 27 | 2018
StudioRed is proud to announce the launch of the ThinOptics FlashCard Case. Check it out here!

4 | 24 | 2018
StudioRed is Hiring. Immediate opening for part time Prototype Shop Machinist and Modelbuilder. Min 10 years experience programming and operation of 3-axis vertical CNC using Surf Cam software and machine tools, manual mill, lathe, fabrication skills in metals and plastics. Click this link to apply. Here

2 | 16 | 2018
Labcyte wins New Product Award at SLAS 2018 for StudioRed’s design of the Echo 655T. Read More

10 | 09 | 2017
Congratulations to Soyun for being published as the feature story by Mind the Product! Check out her article here!

09 | 25 | 2016
StudioRed Builds Creative Confidence with Prototyping. View PDF

9 | 26 | 2015
We’re hiring! StudioRed is looking for a senior mechanical engineer to join our team. Read More

8 | 26 | 2015
Top Product Design Engineering Firm Helps Companies Launch New Lines. View PDF

7 | 21 | 2015
StudioRed Adds Casting Expert to Team. View PDF

07 | 20 | 15
Welcome to Josue Acosta, the newest member of our Production Team! Read More

01 | 03 | 15
Blaise Stoltenberg of Golden, CO passed away on December 16, 2014 of Leukemia. Blaise was a graduate of Stanford University and VP of Engineering for StudioRed from 1990 – 1995. He played a significant role guiding the early days. He leaves behind his wife Leslie Light who was a program manager at SR during that time where they met and two young children Clay and Caroline. Our deepest condolences and thoughts are with his family. Read More

01 | 03 | 15
Welcome to Mars Chan, the newest member of our engineering team!

01 | 01 | 15
Happy New Year to our friends and clients! 2014 was another good award winning year for StudioRed, where we received recognition for our Harris and Proteinsimple products and completed some great programs that are sure to win again in 2015. Wishing you all similar success this year! Read More

10 | 1 | 13
StudioRed is celebrating it’s 30th year in product development! Check out the new story about us, entitled: RED Blooded: The story of Rational Emotional Design-This month, StudioRed, a product development consultancy in Silicon Valley, celebrates 30 years of designing products for a variety of markets. Philip Bourgeois, founder and president, relates how Rational Emotional Design (RED) methodology was created and has morphed through the past, present and future. Read More

10 | 03 | 13
StudioRed receives a second consecutive Best of Menlo Park Award. Congratulations to our Engineering team! Read More

10 | 1 | 13
StudioRed is Hiring. Model maker, RTV Mold maker- expert in plastic prototyping and producing RTV molds for cast urethane and epoxy parts. Click this link to apply. Apply Now

6 | 13 | 13
The StudioRed designed Huawei Cloudengine was recently awarded the Best of Show Award in the Data Center and Storage Category at Interop. Read More

7 | 23 | 12
Coraid named to Wall Street Journal “Next Big Thing” list after announcing new StudioRed-designed storage products. Read More

7 | 23 | 12
StudioRed receives Best of Menlo Park Award in the Mechanical Engineering category. Read More

5 | 9 | 12
Ericsson unveils a new addition to the Smart Services Router 8000 family offering a simple and scalable approach to support fixed and mobile networks. Read More

1 | 23 | 12
TelyHD is named one of the top 10 CES Gadgets. Read More

1 | 8 | 12
TelyHD’s engineering, design, and functional qualities are recognized at CES Innovations. Tely Labs is named 2012 Design and Engineering Award Honoree. Read More

1 | 4 | 12
Tely labs launches TelyHD, a Skype video phone for the TV. Read More

Harris Corporation at Eurosatory Paris 2012. Read More

12 | 23 | 11
Three StudioRed products (Bluecoat, Riverbed, Citrix) named in the “10 Essential Data Center Appliances”. Look for the next-gen designs coming soon from these happy clients! Read More

2 | 20 | 11
Harris Corporation launches the new ruggedized Android tablet for delivering mission-critical information. Read More

12 | 5 | 11
ForteBio launches BLItz, a new platform for label-free analyses of proteins in an easy and cost-effective manner. Read More

11 | 2008
Cisco ASR 9000 Series Router has the capacity to deliver high definition streams to every household in Los Angeles simultaneously. Read More

11 | 11 | 08
Cisco Delivers the Carrier Ethernet Foundation for the ‘Zettabyte Era’: The new Cisco Aggregation Services Router 9000. Read More

5 | 15 | 02
WaterPik AquaLink Home Control system was honored for two years in a row and named to the Home Automation Magazine Top 50 Editor’s Picks. Read More and Tibesti named the Evoke one of the best and most lightweight road bicycles. Read More

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