• Research


    Studiored's research process is structured to reveal a product's full potential: Improving design and usage, exceeding user expectations, and creating new opportunities in mature markets. The results create long-lasting market hits with significant consistency. Our case studies demonstrate a proven track record across multiple product categories.

  • Design


    At studiored, our designers seek to maximize input from every stakeholder: Marketing, engineering, production, and more throughout the development cycle. Our sensitivity to the complete product lifecycle results in smart, attractive designs that work well and can be manufactured at the right cost.

    In line with our unique integrated-discipline philosophy, we maintain relationships with top manufacturers from around the world, and bring their expertise into the development process early enough to ensure that the final outcome provides the optimum design for manufacture.

  • Engineering


    Our engineers are expert in categories that range from simple consumables to high-tech equipment, and in low-volume numbers to million-unit production runs. In concert with our design and fabrication team members, studiored engineers integrate technical, functional, and financial concerns into their role to ensure that each product will become the best it can be.

  • Prototype


    Studiored's in-house model-making and prototype machining can produce photorealistic models, complex prototypes, and challenging high-tolerance machined parts. Turn-around time is quick to meet client testing and planning schedules, and to improve real-time engineering development.

    Rubber and fiberglass molding of Urethane parts is ideal for producing hundreds of units before manufacturing plans are complete. Our model builders can 'pre-actualize' a product with color, texture, graphics, features that replicate exact details of a production solution. Prototyping CNC milling machines can produce parts up to 30x40x16 inches in size, within manufacturing tolerances, allowing us to produce multiple parts before production tooling is completed.

We are not a one-trick-pony. At studiored, we are experts in a variety of disciplines. We are with you from the beginning till the end.


Studiored provides Design Research, Industrial Design, GUI Design, Mechanical Engineering, and Prototyping and Production services. These are offered as fully-integrated programs through the Rational Emotional Design (RED) process or as individual services.

For us, emotional design means styling, branding, ergonomics, usability, and the visceral user experience. The rational side refers to such product concerns as assembly costs, manufacturability, and safety compliance. having completed over 4500 development programs in computer, networking, consumer, biotech and medical products, we know how to balance a product’s rational and emotional content. This commitment to the RED process results in total product integration and significant cost and time savings.