• Harris

    Harris Communications' latest ruggedized Android tablet reflects the branded design language we created for their next-gen products. The device was to be used by military and first responders including gloved users in various situations.

  • Facebook

    The OpenCellular is an open source, "wireless access platform" designed to drive down the cost of setting up cellular networks in places where it has been traditionally difficult to do so. The  system is designed to provide the tools to set up a complete network, from the physical equipment to the software that runs it.

  • Falcon drone robot

    Anthropomorphic drone,  an exploration into the future of drone technology, beyond what has been achieved today.

  • Cisco 7000

    The Cisco Nexus 7000 is a modular data center-class switching system designed for 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks. The Nexus architecture scales beyond 15 terabits/sec, with future availability of 40 GB and 100 GB Ethernet. This new platform is designed for exceptional scalability, operation, and transport flexibility.

  • Motorola

    The direction for the CPEi 300 program was to create a look and feel that was visually exciting and broke the norm in terms of standard networking products. The visual identity needed to be unique.

  • Timelessness

    Through 3 decades we have seen
    trends and tech’ come and
    go and consumers can date a product by
    its design language.

    Rest assured that we will dress your
    product appropriately, be it for fad or

  • Protein Simple Brand Language

    Protein Simple is rethinking protein tools and helping thousands of researchers around the world resolve their protein analysis problems so they can reveal new insight into proteins and their role in disease.

  • Matrix

    Movies often include signature products that reflect lead characters and/or key messages. Related collateral products are spun-off for mass markets, thereby enhancing the commercial success of the venture.

  • Citrix

    The Citrix NetScaler is the most complete Web application delivery appliance available. It increases the operation of Web applications by a factor of five by addressing your biggest networking challenges and ensuring application delivery with the highest availability, performance and security.

  • Syneron Candela / Primaeva

    Primaeva contracted with studiored to develop their first product for the minimally invasive RF aesthetic treatment of skin wrinkles and laxity. It improves aesthetic results by increasing the efficiency and control of sub-dermal RF energy

  • A4 Vision/Bioscrypt

    Studiored worked side by side with A4Vision engineers to develop the 3D Face Reader, a revolutionary new wall mounted security system. The  team developed the product embodiment from the ground up, designing the product architecture, ergonomics, and look and feel.

  • Rio

    Rio's Carbon line of MP3 players received rave reviews upon their release. As sales rose, Rio wanted to add a high-quality, premium case to its accessory line. Studiored designed several concepts for new, high-end soft cases and provided Rio with materials and construction information to bring the designs to production.