When Promega wanted to perfect state-of-the-art STR analysis for forensic labs with their new Spectrum CE robotic sampling system, studio red supported them by taking their new conceptual look forward ensuring it signaled a fresh design while it still respected Promega's lineage, and while encompassing Promega's new automated and flexible run technology in a housing design that was easy to use, easy to assemble and easy to service.


A custom cam action main door hinge for light lifting, great access and stay open features was perfected. Custom illuminated functional features like the loading sections door handle glow to indicate run status. A custom, cost effective thermal chamber with unique latching system was developed as well.


Studiored built on site the first prototype housings and worked to ensure that the design would move smoothly into production. The result is a streamlined looking product that reflects the tremendous efficiency increases brought to the forensic lab environment.