• Syneron Candela / Primaeva

    Primaeva contracted with studiored to develop their first product for the minimally invasive RF aesthetic treatment of skin wrinkles and laxity. It improves aesthetic results by increasing the efficiency and control of sub-dermal RF energy

  • Protected: Promega

    When Promega wanted to perfect state-of-the-art STR analysis for forensic labs with their new Spectrum CE robotic sampling system, studio red supported them by taking their new conceptual look forward ensuring it signaled a fresh design while it still respected Promega's lineage, and while encompassing Promega's new automated and flexible run technology in a housing design that was easy to use, easy to assemble and easy to service.

  • AMS

    The Greenlight system was developed by Laserscope (now AMS) to treat Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) through the use of a high power laser. Working initially on the HPS and later carrying much of the work forward in the redesigned XPS system shown above. Studiored conducted user research to drive its durable, portable design.

  • Medical / Biotech

    Studiored has created products for some of the biggest names in the medical arena. We have designed consumer medical products that sell in the millions of units as well as laboratory test products with an annual production of fifty units or less.

    Our attention to detail and our ability to ask the right questions allows us to consistently innovate and guide the programs to a successful conclusion. Our designers do extensive upfront design research to arrive at the right product solution, observing how people use a product, attending surgical procedures, conducting focus groups, and more.

  • Maurice

    Protein Simple is rethinking protein tools and helping thousands of researchers around the world resolve their protein analysis problems so they can reveal new insight into proteins and their role in disease.

  • Lumenis

    The Aluma skin renewal system is a revolutionary approach to the treatment of wrinkles and facial blemishes. Lumenis wanted an industrial design that created a unique and versatile design language, blending consumer and medical aesthetics into a cohesive whole.

  • FortéBio

    ForteBio downsized their award winning Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) biomolecular analysis tools, to create this new offering. This lower cost smaller device is used by small labs and educational institutions in a more intimate relationship with the user.

  • Medtronic / Covidien

    The Valleylab™ energy portfolio’s best-in-class advanced energy and electrosurgery devices are all powered by Smart generators that manage energy delivery with precision enabling algorithms. The technology progress created with the Valleylab™ FT10 energy platform improves all surgical applications.

  • InovaLabs

    LifeChoice is one of the smallest, lightest and most popular portable oxygen concentrators on the market today. It provides freedom and mobility to many who require supplemental oxygen, but were previously tethered to bulky units or O2 tanks. This innovative product is able to deliver up to 3 liters per hour with over 5 hours of battery life.

  • Maquet

    Originally Guidant, the Maquet Heartstring III is a unique proximal anastomotic device for heart surgery, designed to offer a complete haemostatic seal without the need for an aortic side clamp. Initially the product intended to perform the surgical preparatory set up but ultimately developed into the product shipping case as well as the set up tool.

  • Allergan

    Without any stomach cutting or stapling, the Allergan LAP-BAND® System reduces stomach capacity, restricting the amount of food the patient is able to eat at one time. Feeling full faster and staying full longer, the patient winds up eating less. The installation handle is designed to securely install a saline adjustable port in the abdomen, just beneath the skin.

  • NovaRay

    The NovaRay Scan Cath system is an innovative cardiac catheterization system that improves image quality, reduces radiation dose, and provides more accurate depth-of-field information with 3-D capabilities in an open patient access system. Studiored was commissioned to come up with a conceptual look and feel for the device that would carry it into the next phase of marketing. The challenge was to take the complex system of varying parts and create an aesthetic that would tie the system together while optimizing for both patient comfort and clinician ergonomics.