• A4

    Studiored worked side by side with A4Vision engineers to develop the 3D Face Reader, a revolutionary new wall mounted security system. The RED team developed the product embodiment from the ground up, designing the product architecture, ergonomics, and look and feel.

  • Harris

    Harris Communications' latest ruggedized Android tablet reflects the branded design language we created for their next-gen products. The device was to be used by military and first responders including gloved users in various situations.

  • Willow

    Willow Garage developed the PR2 as a research and development platform that promotes new applications and usage models and hopefully increases the consumer robotics ecosystem. To prepare this new offering for public consumption Willow Garage contracted with studiored to solve particular design challenges.

  • Commercial / Industrial

    Large systems like high speed bottle label printers and semiconductor operator stations focus on significant ergonomic, service and safety issues. Studiored tackles these projects with our RED methodology, addressing the product configuration, “look and feel,” and manufacturing costs. Large products like these often have manufacturing challenges due to the sheer size of the parts needed to make them.

    Our knowledge of low and high-volume manufacturing methods allows us to deliver design solutions that are sensitive to these goals. Our many years of experience with ergonomics, brand positioning, safety compliance, and manufacturing delivers a complete solution that is ready for production.

  • L1

    L-1 Identity Solutions offers a digital portable iris capture product along with a fingerprint reader. Our role was to create a design language to allow a modular unit to allow for changeable camera options and various lens and digital configurations.

  • Savi

    The Savi PDK is a ruggedized autonomous inventory management system utilizing RFID to manage inventory on front line battlefields, refugee settlements and disaster areas. Our challenge was to create a Savi branded product system which was well ergonomically organized but allowed for quick access and set up.